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CDA Dance Challenge #2 - Thursday, March 19th

Hello, CDA Dancers!

Columbus DanceArts Academy is challenging YOU to a new dance task each day during our extended spring break. Even though we are practicing physical distancing, we can still CONNECT online through this challenge. Are you up for it?!


Did you know that a battement is a dance move that is in many dance art forms? Whenever you think of a dancer, you will almost always imagine them doing a battement!

If you need some help remembering what a battement is, these videos are great to jog your memory for both ballet and jazz battements!

Now for the CHALLENGE OF DAY #2!

Take a photo or video of yourself doing a battement today on your story in Instagram and tag us (Columbus DanceArts Academy). For an extra bonus point, include the definition in your photo or video! We will share each entry we get on our page so we can all see the amazing battements you are doing today. Make sure that you are following Columbus DanceArtsAcademy to see it. We love seeing our dancers staying connected with us and dance!

We loved seeing our dancers who participated in yesterday's balance challenge and we hope to see you soon. Get creative and have fun with today's challenge. Until then, we will see how you BATTEMENT!

CDA Artistic Staff

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