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Holiday Production


All shows are performed at area schools, nursing homes, community events and to the public at an area theatre.  The performance includes dancers from 1st grade through 12th grade with dances ranging from intermediate level to a pre-professional level.  By taking our Holiday show on the road, it gives the dancers the opportunity to bring the joy of dance, drama and the excitement of a theatre production to those who might not have the opportunity to enjoy it.  Feature roles and dance solos are available for those participating in our placement program.  Detailed eligibility, time commitments and costs associated with this performance can be found at the Customer Service Counter during fall registration.  Rehearsals begin in late September and early October.

Columbus DanceArts Academy
A December Wish
Production Date 

Sunday, December 11th
Dublin Coffman
Performing Arts Center 
4:15pm and 5:45pm

Tickets to A December Wish public
performances will be available at CDA on
Sunday, December 4th.
Seating will be general admission. You may send an email with the number of tickets you’d like to purchase if you do not want to stand in line. We will take email orders beginning Sunday, December 4th. Tickets are $12/adult and $10/students 12 and under.


Each December CDA presents one of three Holiday shows created by Robin Smith.  

Production Description

A December Wish is a story about a girl named Rose who has grown up in the loving Maple Town Orphanage. During a holiday party, some very unusual and exciting events transpire. The children at Maple Town discover a gift box with lovely ornaments that magically come to life upon hanging the ornaments onto a tree. They also discover another unique gift; a walking, talking Robot that ends up creating a lot of mischief! 

While Aunt Nan, the sweet owner of Maple Town, tucks the children in bed, Rose discovers one shimmering star ornament that is left in the gift box. As Rose places the star ornament on top of the tree, a Stardust Fairy appears and offers Rose one wish. Rose wishes to find her family. Rose instantly finds herself in an abandoned train yard of toys that have run away because they do not want to be gifts given to children fearing that children will not care properly for them. 

Rose is confused as to why her wish brought her to the abandoned train yard, but decides to help the abandoned toys to understand how much the children at Maple Town would love and care for the toys if they would return to the workshop. Ultimately, Rose convinces the run away toys to return. Rose is also happy to return to Maple Town for the holiday cheer where her loving and true family have been missing her and searching for her. 

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