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Holiday Production


All shows are performed at area schools and to the public at an area theatre.  The performance includes dancers from 1st grade through 12th grade with dances ranging from intermediate level to a pre-professional level.  By taking our Holiday show on the road, it gives the dancers the opportunity to bring the joy of dance, drama and the excitement of a theatre production to those who might not have the opportunity to enjoy it.  Feature roles and dance solos are available for those participating in our placement program.  Detailed eligibility, time commitments and costs associated with this performance can be found at the Customer Service Counter during fall registration.  Rehearsals begin in late September and early October.

Columbus DanceArts Academy
Alice in Winterland
Production Date 

Sunday, December 10th
Dublin Coffman

Performing Arts Center

Sunday, December 10th
4:15pm & 5:45pm 


Tickets are now on sale!

General Seating

Cost: $12 (Adult) and $10 (Children 12 & under)

Purchase tickets at CDA front counter beginning on November 15, 2023. 

Purchases may be made in person, or placed via email to


For more ticket information call CDA at 614-789-0052

Seating will be general admission. You may send an email with the number of tickets you’d like to purchase if you do not want to stand in line. 


Each December CDA presents one of three Holiday shows created by Robin Smith.  

Production Description

On Christmas Eve, Alice went out for a winter walk in the snow. Alice tripped and spiraled down a deep rabbit hole, and landed in the enchanted Winterland!! She was met by Rabbit who held a large pocket, watch up to her face and scolded her for being late! Rabbit explained to Alice that Winterland was in big trouble and they had been waiting for her assistance. Alice believed that she was dreaming! Rabbit sets out to prove to Alice that she is not dreaming. Rabbit explains to Alice that the Queen of Winterland needs her help! Someone has stolen the Queen of Winterland’s magical golden glove! Although Alice agrees to assist in the search of the theif, she becomes very distracted by all of the fun and exciting festivities going on in Winterland. Rabbit becomes more and more distraught that the magical golden glove, which stops time on Christmas Eve, so that Santa can travel the world in one night, may not be able to be found. Rabbit believes Christmas is doomed! 

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