Holiday Performances

Each December CDA presents one of three Holiday shows created by Robin Smith.  

The Nutty Nutcracker is a whimsical version of the Nutcracker including dancers from around the world and toys that come to life in Santa’s Toy Shop.  A December Wish takes place in an orphanage where a little girl wishes on a star to find her family.  To her surprise she finds herself in a land with abandoned toys and realizes her family is back at the orphanage and she brings all of the abandoned toys back with her to live happily ever after. Alice in Winterland follows Alice as she wakes up in the magical world of Winterland. She encounters many friends along the way, including the Mad Hatter and the Rabbit! Alice must save Winterland from the Queen's sorrow and restore happiness back to the land!

All shows are performed at area schools, nursing homes, community events and to the public at an area theatre.  The performance includes dancers from 1st grade through 12th grade with dances ranging from intermediate level to a pre-professional level.  By taking our Holiday show on the road, it gives the dancers the opportunity to bring the joy of dance, drama and the excitement of a theatre production to those who might not have the opportunity to enjoy it.  Feature roles and dance solos are available for those participating in our placement program.  Detailed eligibility, time commitments and costs associated with this performance can be found at the Customer Service Counter during fall registration.  Rehearsals begin in late September and early October.

Columbus DanceArts Academy
Alice in Winterland
The Movie!

Saturday, December 19th

The production will live stream on our Twitch Channel (@CDA5678) on December 19th @7pm!


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Alice in Winterland- The Movie!

Production Description

Alice found a unique way to escape the 2020 pandemic! She discovered by jumping into a large rabbit hole, she could have an amazing (COVID-free) adventure with talking creatures and strange characters never found above the ground! As theaters are not able to rent to CDA at this pandemic times, schools are not an option to take performances to (as we normally do in December), CDA jumped down the rabbit hole with Alice to create a UNIQUE movie version of our endearing holiday performance, Alice in Winterland. ️