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DanceScope is a winter dance concert presented by Columbus DanceArts Academy that features the CDA Pre Professional Company dancers in a professional setting. The Company dancers train rigorously in CDA Company classes many hours a week, year round and in various artistic dance styles.  


Dance pieces are new works that are creative, unique, entertaining,and exciting for the audience to experience. Styles of dance performed by the company dancers  include Classical and Contemporary Pointe, Jazz, Modern-Contemporary, Lyrical, Tap, Hip Hop and Musical Theater.  DanceScope is held at a professional theatre in downtown Columbus and features professional dance lighting design and beautiful costuming and a range of music choices.


There are many innovative and artistic dance pieces presented in CDA'S DanceScope concerts in various dance styles. A recent dance piece included a stunning rendition of Cinderella performed beautifully with over 50 company pointe dancers telling the traditional story through the grace and athleticism of dance, choreographed by Renee Danielle Smith. 


Another recent piece performed in DanceScope included an intricate 

rhythmic tap piece choreographed by Rachel Gogolin that took your breath away as tap dancers danced in and out of grocery carts and on and off of metal buckets, dressed as homeless individuals.  The tap piece was an awareness piece that collected over $ 3,000 form the audience as a donation to Faith Mission, a homeless shelter in Columbus, Ohio.


There are many dance pieces in DanceScope in various dance styles that capture the audience and allow those watching to experience the thrill and creative artistry of dance. For the Company dancers, working toward the winter

dance concert provides opportunities for exceptional learning and

performing opportunities which helps the CDA Company dancers to develop 

from Pre Professional dancers into Professional dancers, if they chose that path.

DanceScope 2024 

   DANCESCOPE 2023 will be presented by 

Columbus DanceArts Academy,

   performed at the

Jo Ann Davidson Theatre


   Sunday, february 18th,

 at 2:00 pm. 

A wide variety of Dance Styles including Pointe, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Hip Hop and Tap. 

      Performed by the CDA Company Dancers with Guest Artists, OSU Dance Connection 

      Family friendly with exciting music, professional costumes and lighting,

      Fresh, innovative choreography!


•Tickets are $26.00/person, all ages. Tickets are available now at CDA!

If you have any questions regarding tickets or policies, please reach out to CDA Customer Service at 614-789-0052.


 For questions call Columbus DanceArts Academy 614-789-0052 or email


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