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Virtual Class Series: Ballet and Contemporary Company/Pre-Company Classes!

Ballet/Pointe Barre for Pre-Company And Company

Welcome CDA Company and Pre-Company Students! Click on the photo to the left to be redirected to a home-adaptable ballet/pointe barre to keep you moving. This class is appropriate for all levels of Pre-Company and Company levels at CDA and pointe work should be adapted by each dancer to fit their level, floor surface, and available space. Ballet barre work is important for maintaining technique and progress throughout the season, even with social distancing! Please be mindful of your space and adapt movement as needed to avoid injury.

Contemporary Combination Tutorial

Click on the photo to the left to be directed to a tutorial of a contemporary combination choreographed by CDA's Renee Danielle Smith! The choreography is geared towards CDA Company Levels (AH-D) but can be tried by pre-company levels and Alumni as well! There is a separate video of the combination filmed from the front (listed below) that can be used as a reference if details can't be seen from the back in the tutorial. We would love to see current students, alumni, and CDA teachers post a video of themselves doing the combination in their home so we can create a montage of CDA dancers performing the same dance in their own homes. This class is a part of the CDA Virtual Class Series bringing dance education to your homes during the COVID-19 lockdown. We are looking forward to seeing your moves!

Music: An Evening I Will Not Forget by Dermot Kennedy

Choreography by: Renee Danielle Smith

Brought to you by: Columbus DanceArts Academy

Full Contemporary Combination From The Front

Miss Renee's Combination to "An Evening I Will Not Forget" filmed from the front for CDA's Virtual Class Series. If you have questions during the tutorial you can check this video to see if the front view can answer your questions!

Music: An Evening I Will Not Forget by Dermot Kennedy

Choreographed and Performed By: Renee Danielle Smith

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