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LET'S STAY CONNECTED and #keepdancing

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

To CDA students and parents,

On behalf of CDA Teachers, Directors and Customer Service Staff...we miss all of you! During this challenging time of social distancing and national health emergency, let's stay connected! 

Dance is a wonderful expressive art, a healthy physical endeavor and it stimulates the brain! It is also an awesome social connection with people of all ages. We understand that you may have some little ones who may need to get their wiggles out, we want to help with some ways to keep them moving! If you are an Academy or Company/Company Track dancer, we'd like provide you with resources to keep those muscles active and read to come back to dance!

We are in the process of relaying CDA produced content made by CDA teachers specifically for the continuation of our curriculum. Stay posted for updates!

Although we are unable to be in-person connected with all of you at this time, we want to "Stay Connected" with you through this blog! Please check back daily for ways to keep your dancers moving at home.

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