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Fun Dance Videos for Mini-Kinder Dancers!

Hey CDA Parents!

Do you have a Mini-Kinder dancer that needs to get their wiggles out? Dancing is a great way to get the brain and body moving. Since we don't all have a pocket-sized Miss Erin to help us get those little ones dancing at home, we have some tools to help you!

CDA has created a playlist of dance videos on our Youtube Channel called "Mini-Kinder" that you can play to help those little ones get dancing.

So put those videos on when those little ones get antsy and get dancing!

Dance Video Playlist:

*Videos posted on CDA Social Media are not a CDA requirement to use and are provided as an optional way of staying engaged with dance while the studio is closed due to COVID-19 .CDA is not liable for at-home dance related injuries. If using dance videos, the individual must adjust movement to their individual level and space on their own. To adjust the level of choreography to make it more doable :

  1. -Dancers can move smaller,

  2. -Do a only a short part of the combination,

  3. -Learn an 8 count and do it slower to other music.*

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