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Good day, CDA Dancers!

Yesterday's challenge was so much fun! We loved seeing all of our dancers outside enjoying the nice weather. You all had very creative poses!

Today's challenge is little different and we are so excited to share it with you.


Video yourself (maybe with the help of a parent or sibling) doing 15-30 seconds of dance improv in any art form. You can get creative and dance from room to room in your house, outside, or in a small space. Use what's around you for inspiration, put on some music you love to dance to, and just allow yourself to move freely. If you need some more instruction on how to improvise dance, look below for some tips and videos that explains how to improv.

Instructions for today's challenge:

1) Upload the video in your story on Instagram, 2) challenge other dancers to complete the challenge by nominating 3 other dancing friends, and 3) tag us (Columbus DanceArts Academy). We will share each entry we get on our page so we can all see the amazing things you will do today. Every video we are tagged in today will be included in a video that will be posted to CDA's website! Make sure that you are following Columbus DanceArtsAcademy to see us repost. We love seeing our dancers staying connected with us!

What is Dance Improvisation?

Dance Improv is generating spontaneous movement in the moment. That basically means that you make up choreography as you go along. Dance improv can done be in any dance art form and it can be a fun way to show how your feeling through movement. Improvisation is skill to be learned, like ballet or tap. It's okay to feel a little silly at first, the more you improv, the easier it gets!

Here are 7 tips to help you in your improvisation challenge today:

1. Relax, take a deep breath. 

2. Be in the moment, try your best not to plan your movement ahead of time.

3. Use what's around you as inspiration: your house, nature, a painting, etc.

4. Listen to music that you love to get you started.

5. There are no wrong answers in dance improv. Anything you come up with is beautiful!

6. GET CREATIVE! Move from room to room in your house, dance outside, choose a single body part to drive the movement, dance with a parent or sibling, or use a prop!

7. HAVE FUN! Express yourself through dance.

Video Explaining How to Dance Improv:

Here is a great TED Talk about dance improvisation:

Get dancing! We can't wait to see what you come up with.

CDA Artistic Staff

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