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3 Stretches for Dancers with a Tennis Ball

Hey there, dancers!

Have you ever had tight calf muscles that you feel that no amount of stretching could fix? Or you have a sore feeling in your arch after class? Well, you're in luck! The answer could be sitting in your garage.

Tennis balls are a great tool for stretching that all dancers should keep in their dance bag. They're portable, inexpensive, and the perfect size for stretching those hard to reach,intricate muscles of the legs and feet. Today we will share 3 exercises you can do before or after class to help relieve muscle tension.

Calf Stretch

- Start by sitting on the floor with one leg outstretched in front of you.

- Place the tennis ball under the belly of the calf.

- Make small circular motions to roll the tennis ball slowly underneath your calf for 30 seconds.

- Slowly rock back and forth, allowing the tennis ball to roll up toward your knee and down to your foot.

IT Band Stretch

- Start by lying on your side on the floor.

- Place the tennis ball slightly below your hip.

- Slowly rock back and forth, allowing the tennis ball to roll down toward your knee and then back up toward your hip.

Foot Stretch

- Start standing, you might need to hold onto something to keep your balance.

- Place the tennis ball under the arch of one of your feet.

- Slowly roll the tennis ball to massage the arches and play with the amount of pressure you want put on the tennis ball. The more pressure, the more intense the stretch.

We hope you enjoyed these stretches and use them in your practice how you need at home.

Have a great Monday,

CDA Artistic Staff

* Exercises suggested are optional. CDA is not responsible for any injuries that occur at home.

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