CDA 2020-2021

COVID-19 Safe Policies 

CDA Season 2020-2021 COVID-19

Safe and Responsible Re-Start Policies


Updated 8/19/20


The COVID-19 Safe Re-Start policies have been put into place for the CDA 2020-2021Season and will be reviewed and updated as needed with appropriate alterations.  Please know that we have put into place COVID-19 policies with having the safety and health of our students and families and employees first and foremost.  All classes will end 3-5 minutes early so that the staff can do appropriate between-class sanitization. Thank you for your support and patience and for doing your part in keeping our community safe.


Face Masks: CDA Students and parents and employees in Kindergarten and older are required to wear a face mask in all CDA public areas including the dance studio rooms and the lobby area.   


  • Respiratory droplet transmission is considered a primary way that viruses and COVID-19 can spread rapidly. Dance is an indoor, physically exerting activity that naturally will make the students expel more air due to breathing heavier. The requirement of wearing face masks at CDA is to help minimize individual respiratory air droplets from reaching one another. 

  • For the dancers, we recommend researching and then purchasing sports-style face masks designed for easier breathing that have an anti-bacterial properties and fabric that decreases moisture.  We recommend bringing more than one mask so that if a mask becomes wet, dancers can change into a dry mask. 

  • CDA Instructors will give brief mask-free breaks for each class, outdoors, weather permitting, or indoors with distancing at 6 feet. This will be a 2-4 minute mask-free break when dancers are not dancing and are stationary and distanced. Teachers will accompany dancers outdoors on mask-free breaks. 

  • If a student who is wearing a mask feels light headed or unable to breathe properly, they need to inform their teacher who will ask the student to go to a designated “distanced” area, sit down and remove their mask for a mask-free break. If breathing difficulties continue, a parent will be notified. 


Limited Capacity:  We are limiting our on-site class sizes to a smaller capacity and greatly restricting our lobby occupancy.  Limiting capacity assists with 6 feet physical distancing and allows the air filtration system to filtrate the facility’s fresh air more efficiently. 

For ages 1st grade and older:  Parents and family members of the students are not permitted to remain in the lobby area and must wait in their cars. 

For ages 2-Kindergarten:  ONE PARENT is permitted in the lobby, NO Siblings who are crawling and older are permitted in the lobby area.  


  • All Studio viewing windows are closed for class observation at this time and there are no share-weeks scheduled until we can safely increase capacity.

  • CDA Mini-Dance Program, Pre-School Ages 2/3/, 3/4, 4/5:  Class sizes are limited to 6 per class for At- CDA learning. Virtual options of taking the dance classes on Zoom are offered simultaneously for all dance classes. When registering online for a class, please note that there are different registration codes for choosing to take the class virtually or At-CDA.   If a dancer is on a wait list to take an At-CDA class, the student on the wait list may choose to take the class Virtually, but must inform the Customer Service of that choice


For At - CDA learning, ALL preschool students must be at an independent stage where they are able to enter the dance class room and take their dance class independently, without a parent in the studio room. 

  • CDA Academy Program, Ages Kindergarten and 1st grade – 8th and Teen and Adult: Class size for At- CDA Academy students, Kinder-Adult, are limited to 8 students per class. Virtual options of taking the dance classes on Zoom are offered simultaneously for all dance classes.  When registering online for a class, please note that there are different registration codes for choosing to take the class Virtually or At- CDA.   If a dancer is on a wait list to an At-CDA class, the student on the wait list may choose to take the class Virtually, but must inform the Customer Service of that choice. 

  • CDA Company/Company Track: Class size is limited to 8 students per class  for At-CDA classes with all classes offered simultaneously live on ZOOM.  A Star-Diamond rotation will be created so that each Company/Company Track student in each level takes At-CDA class once or twice a week.  Example:  If a Company/Company Track student has dance classes on Mon-Wed- Sat  and is designated as a “Star Rotation Student”, then that Company/Company Track student dances At-CDA week #1 of the month on Mon and Sat with Wed being Virtual class, and then week #2 of the month, the “Star Rotation Student” dances At-CDA on Wed and dances Virtually on Mon and Sat. This every other week rotation of AT-CDA/Virtual learning alternates continuously for all weeks or until we are able to safely increase capacity. The “Star Rotation Student” rotates At-CDA opposite the “Diamond Rotation Student”. A pre-prepared rotation calendar for the Star/Diamond, At-CDA/Virtual rotations will be provided to Company/Company Track dancers by CDA.

  • CDA Dance Teams and Drills Classes: Dance Team and Drills Classes will be limited to 16 per Dance Team with an every-other-week doing a limited capacity rotation of At-CDA and Virtual class with no more than 8 Team members At-CDA each week. Non-Dance Team members may sign up for Virtual Drills class only. 

  • Make up classes: All make-up classes will need to be communicated through CDA Customer Service. For the CDA 2020-2021COVID-19 Safe-Restart Season, there will be limited At-CDA make-up class opportunities. There will not be a tuition refund given for classes that students are unable to attend. If a student must miss one of their classes, they can check with the Customer Service Desk to find out if there is a similar class that is not full and has room for a make-up student. Another option for a make-up class is to ask the CDA Customer Service for a similar class to do the make up in Virtually. 


Physical Distancing:  CDA is implementing 6 feet distancing in the lobby area and in the dance studios. In each of the four dance studios there are 6 feet by 6 feet boxes taped to the studio floors to give visual guidance for 6 feet distancing. Green tape marks are placed on the lobby floor as markers for guidance with 6 feet distancing. Directional arrows are on the lobby floor as guidance so as to keep traffic flowing in one direction. It is not permitted for those in the lobby to congregate in groups. There are a few chairs that are placed 6 feet apart. Everyone in the lobby area is expected to implement 6 feet distancing.


Arrival/Departure:  All dancers are to remain in their car until it is time for their class. Parents are asked to pick up their dancer on time. 


Students with Breaks between Classes:  Dancers without back to back classes and who have more than a 30 minute break will need to be picked up by a parent and NOT remain in the Lobby area during their long break. 


Dance Props:  CDA will not use shared hand props during classes at this time. 


Wash hands/ Use Hand Sanitizer:  Wash hands or use hand sanitizer prior to class, during class, and after class. Use hand sanitizer immediately after being on the floor when stretching or doing floor work. Instructors will encourage the use of hand sanitizer in the classroom after using the ballet barres and after floor exercises or floor work.  


Don’t Touch Face or Face Mask:  Do not touch your face or your mask! If needed, adjust face mask by the elastic or the attachment strings.


Self-regulate/Illness:  Students and employees are asked to self-regulate their temperatures before entering CDA.  No student or employee will be permitted at CDA with illness symptoms and students will be sent home if they arrive with illness symptoms.  Classes that are ages Kinder through Company are offered simultaneously Virtually on Zoom, so a child who might have a runny nose but feels up to dancing, can take class at home.


Changing Room and Rest Rooms and Cubbies:  The Company/Company Track changing room is closed. The family rest room and the girl’s rest room will be open. The cubbies in the lobby area are closed.


No large Dance Bags Permitted:  No large dance bags permitted at CDA. Bring a small bag, no larger than a plastic grocery bag, for the items needed for that day of classes. Dance bags and dance shoes will be brought into the studio rooms with the student and placed in a designated 6 feet distancing area. 


Street shoes/ Lost and found/ Water bottles/ Drinking Fountain: Street shoes will go into the shoe racks outside of each studio room. Any personal items left at CDA will be thrown away each evening.  The water fountains are closed. Bring a water bottle! Water bottles left at CDA will be thrown away each evening.



CDA Additional Sanitization and Safety Protocols:  

- All classes will end a couple minutes early so that teachers can wipe down touch surfaces for the next class.

- CDA’S Customer Service will be doing additional sanitizing touch surfaces, including door handles, ballet barres, counter surfaces, bathroom faucet handles throughout each day. 

- CDA’S marley dance floors are being sanitized/cleaned daily along with a monthly application of anti-viral, anti-bacterial cleaner that lasts for 3 months. Some teachers may decide to spray Lysol into the air after each class. 

- Each of the four studio rooms and the lobby has their own HVAC unit. Each unit is set for 100% fresh filtered outdoor air filtration which means that fresh air changes out apx. every 15 minutes. The HVAC fans are set to run continuously. There have been new high grade filters placed into the HVAC units and filters are changed more often.

- If using a chair in the lobby, Clorox wipes are provided to customers to wipe the chair after using the chair.





















































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