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CDA Summer 2020

COVID-19 Safe Restart 

Updated July 21, 2020

CDA has updated the Summer 2020 Covid-19 safe-restart policies taking in consideration the recent rise in Covid-19 Cases in Franklin County. Please review the updated CDA Safe Re-Start regulations with your dancer prior to when they participate in the CDA on-site dance classes. All summer classes 3rd grade and higher are offered virtually on ZOOM as well as on-site minimum capacity options. All classes/camps 2nd grade and lower will be offered as virtual classes. All classes will end a few minutes early so as to allow time to access the off-site dancers on ZOOM.

As of July 7th, 2020, CDA STUDENTS AND EMPLOYEES ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR A MASK BOTH IN THE CDA LOBBY AREA AND ALSO IN THE STUDIO AREAS. With the Covid-19 cases ever changing and the Ohio Government official's mandates changing intermittently, please understand that CDA'S policies are a fluid situation that can alter at anytime. We will continue to update our Safe Restart Policies as needed. 

Note:  If the CDA teachers feel that the dancers need a "breathing break" the teacher will let dancers go out side, six feet distance from one another and remove their mask for a short breathing break outside without their mask.  The teacher will accompany Academy dancers and Company Track dancers outside for breathing breaks.

CDA remains a Dance Education Business that is family friendly with a success-based positive philosophy and exceptional dance programs for casual dancers as well as for those dancers who wish to progress into a Pre Pro Company Track level. The Covid-19 Safe Re-start policies are challenging for any business. Please know that we are doing our very best to keep everyone safe and healthy. We know the “new normal” is not as we wish it to be, but we also know that “this too shall pass” some point in time. Thank you for your support and patience. We look forward to sharing “the joy of dance” with you this summer!

For more information on our Summer Safe Restart Policies and Procedures, please contact Customer Service at 614-789-0052.

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